Mixing & Mastering

Beyond his musical output, Aotu is best known in the music community for his robust, dynamic mix engineering, and extensive knowledge of the craft behind a world-class master. All Aotu originals are mixed in-house by Aotu himself. He has lectured at Middlebury College on these topics and techniques, and regularly advises the musicians and producers in his circles.

Aotu is well-versed in the technical particularities between mediums, and knows exactly how to optimize audio for streaming services, vinyl, CD, radio, web and digital download release formats. He approaches every project individually, always starting from scratch to determine precisely what your song needs to sound its absolute best. Coming from a production and sound engineering background, he understands how to sonically treat each aspect of the audio file in order to maximize its potential, often combining unique and unconventional proprietary processing tricks to achieve your goals.

Hear the difference and inquire below (please use studio headphones or monitors to listen and compare if possible):




Every project is different, but as a general estimation tool, please use the following price ranges:

  • $20-50 per stem/channel for mixing

  • $50-100 per vocal stem/channel (assuming tuning and vocal mastering is needed)

  • $50-100 per main mix master

Aotu makes the final quote calculation based on the amount of time and processing needed to optimize each stem/main mix. Some stems may be grouped together and priced accordingly if they do not require separate processing.

If you have a strict budget, or are looking for a specific kind of value, Aotu is happy to find a path within your constraints to reach your goals.

These services are offered with a satisfaction guarantee, unlimited revisions, and all-in, upfront pricing tailored to your budget and needs. If you’re not 100% happy with the results, you don’t pay a dime!

Aotu is currently in the process of building a clientele for these services, and is offering early supporters special deals for referrals and repeat-patronage.

If this sounds like what you’re looking for, please consider reaching out!

Original Music Production, Audio Engineering, & Remixing

Aotu will compose, arrange, produce, mix and/or master an instrumental, beat, or full song for your project. Aotu is a versatile producer, and is comfortable creating standout original music in a wide variety of styles. He specializes in all kinds of electronic, pop, and cinematic music. This service can also be provided as a remixer.

Film/TV/Podcast Scoring & Sound Design

Aotu will compose, arrange, produce, mix and/or master an original score for your project. Your visuals (or words!) tell a story, and require a dynamic musical accompaniment that fuels your narrative without distracting from it. Aotu is also a gifted sound designer, with extensive experience field recording, capturing Foley, sourcing libraries, shaping samples, and synthesizing audio from scratch. His goal is to anticipate your vision, and deliver an impressive, top-quality score that exceeds your expectations.

For a professional scoring work sample, please inquire directly.


As an independent electronic artist and small business owner, Aotu has a unique understanding of the music industry and digital content space. Whether it’s choosing a distributor, pricing a commission, or signing your first contract, Aotu will assess your situation and provide actionable steps to maximize your advantages.

During his time working in the A&R department at a major label, Aotu developed an intimate understanding of the inner workings of the music machine, and how to effectively work with important industry players, such as managers, agents, label heads, lawyers, and especially the source of it all: the artists. He knows which metrics matter, how to leverage them for healthy growth.

UI Sound Design

Whether you're developing a mobile app or the console for a new car, UI sounds are a critical element in your customer's experience with your product. Aotu will design an array of custom sounds to perfectly complement every aspect of the user's interaction with your software.

Private Ableton Lessons

Aotu has been teaching students of all ages since 2014, in both formal and informal settings. His objective as an educator is to share his technical expertise and passion for creative authenticity with dedicated, curious students. He prefers to teach in-person in Los Angeles, but has also found success teaching via video-call and email. Every student and project is evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Time permitting, Aotu will offer succinct professional feedback, completely free of charge, to any aspiring musician or creative who contacts him. If you have a project of broader scope that requires extensive feedback and actionable steps to achieve your goals, Aotu will develop a lesson plan for you and bill the time as private lessons.


As an undergraduate at Middlebury, Aotu (Jack) taught a workshop titled EDM Production. He offered the course in both 2015 and 2016, each time with complete enrollment and multiple requests for a waitlist. During the semester, he also worked as the teaching assistant for Professor Peter Hamlin’s Electronic Music class.

"Jack’s EDM workshop was one of the highlights of my Middlebury career. I really liked how Jack approached the topic of EDM from a variety of perspectives: song structure, instrumentation, mixing, artist signatures (e.g. Madeon's "crunchy 8-bit sparkle over everything"). I still use Ableton frequently—sometimes for electronic music, but now more for recordings with more traditional rock instrumentation. I would, however, say that Jack's course taught a whole lot more than just Ableton. He really emphasized listening to music like a producer: picking apart the layers and looking for new techniques to create a one-of-a-kind sound. I’m still working on my final project though—but it sounds a lot better than it did the first time I put it together. Altogether an awesome course." -William S. '15

"Jack was a great teacher—he is super knowledgeable in the subject matter, and really helped me understand why each step, effect, and little knob was important. I was encouraged to express myself freely, and Jack gave me the tools I needed to move my ideas from my head to the DAW." -Nathan B. '18

In April of 2018, the Middlebury Music Department hired Aotu to return to campus and give a paid lecture on mixing/mastering engineering for a full class of music students. Multiple students chose to follow up with Aotu for remote mentoring afterwards.

Aotu also recently accepted Middlebury's invitation to teach his own Winter Term course in 2020, titled Electronic Music: Digital Audio Synthesis & Production.

Please refer to the music page for production and sound design samples.

Please use the contact page to request individualized rates, quotes, and demos/work samples.




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