Mixing & Mastering

Aotu is known among his peers for his robust, dynamic mix engineering, and extensive knowledge of the craft behind a top-notch master. He has guest lectured at the college level on these topics, and regularly advises musicians and producers in his communities. Aotu is currently in the process of building a clientele for these services, and is offering supporters special deals for referrals and repeat-patronage! Please inquire below:

Original Music Production, Audio Engineering, & Remixing

Aotu will compose, arrange, produce, mix and/or master an instrumental, beat, or full song for your project. Aotu is a versatile producer, and is comfortable creating standout original music in a wide variety of styles. He specializes in all kinds of electronic, pop, and cinematic music. This service can also be provided as a remixer.

Film/TV Scoring & Sound Design

Aotu will compose, arrange, produce, mix and/or master an original score for your project. Your visuals tell a story, and require a dynamic musical accompaniment that fuels your narrative without distracting from it. His goal is to anticipate your vision, and deliver an impressive, top-quality score that exceeds your expectations.

UI Sound Design

Whether you're developing a mobile app or the console for a new car, UI sounds are a critical element in your customer's experience with your product. Aotu will design an array of custom sounds to perfectly complement every aspect of the user's interaction with your software.

Please refer to the music page for production and sound design samples.

Please use the contact page to request rates and individualized demos/work samples.